TEACHING TRICKS the basics - $100.00 
(4 sessions, classes run about 45 minutes each once per week)

If you are new to us, before signing up for a group class please schedule a placement (behavior assessment)
so that we may properly evaluate what class your dog should be in. This is a FREE service, which ensures we know how to best work with you and your dog. You can schedule your assessment here

Tricks can be fun for both you to teach and your dog to learn!
Did you know there are many benefits to teaching your dog tricks?
Trick training can be used to help:
Spin left & right
Leg Weave
Roll Over
Jump Through
If you have not trained with us before please register for a free 30 minute assessment first.
Dogs must be able to sit and stay for at least a couple of minutes at a time
Dogs must know a basic place command
Dogs must be capable of being in close proximity to other dogs and people without displaying aggression

Limited to 10 dogs each class
We require a minimum of 5 dogs to be enrolled in each class one week prior start date, or the date(s) /time(s) of the class will be postponed until the minimum is enrolled and another date will be rescheduled.

Please contact our office if you have any questions. (916) 238-4594 office phone hours are 10am to 4pm M-F
Strengthen your dog's cooperation behaviors
Build confidence
Teach progressive learning
Problem solving skills, and more! 
Teaching Tricks is an engaging course that uses playful and entertaining tricks to develop healthy relationships and improved communication between dogs and their humans. A great class for puppies to begin with as it will teach them from a young age to love training, and will help achieve a healthy and respectful relationship through disciplined and structured play.

Open to professionals and novice handlers who wish to better their skill set in a fun engaging way.

This class will rely heavily on food motivation for training and no physical corrections will be used. This is not an appropriate class for solving behavior problems, but rather it is designed for those looking for a fun and challenging alternative to the traditional obedience class.
Building motivation
Placement and delivery of rewards
Marker system and timing
Luring & Targeting
Build front and rear end awareness
and more.
Some Basic Tricks we may cover:
Build on Skills in the Advanced Tricks Course:
Foundation skills taught:
Sit up pretty
Circles backwards
Side step
March with high kicks
Foundation to handstand
And much more ...
Check the calendar for upcoming courses.
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