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Brackney’s Pet Services is a learning center for dogs and people, where we prepare students for a career in the pet care industry.

We are a privately owned trade school that offers students a fully functional working business model to learn from.

This includes a full service pet grooming salon and a canine behavior/training center open by appointment to the general public.

Our Academy is designed to give students the knowledge they will need to meet the industry standards in the related field.

We strive for high standards of care in everything we do at Brackney’s with the goal of teaching our students to do the same. We firmly believe that anyone who is willing to apply themselves, takes pride in their work, and does what it takes to get the job done well will be very successful in their goals.
What We Offer:
We take pride in our work, and the animals entrusted to our care.

Spring Session 2015

Professional Bather
·   Professional Pet Groomer

More programs to be added 2015 / 2016

·   Dog Trainer
·   Canine Behavior Specialist
·   Professional Pet Sitter
·   Massage Therapy For Pets
·   Canine Fitness & Rehabilitation Therapy
Begin your career in the pet industry today!  Become a professional!
   SERVICES open to the public

Full Service Pet Grooming Salon

·   Tuesday Bath Specials
·   Nail & Ear Care
Breed and Pattern Clips

Dog Training & Behavior Consultations

·   Private assessments
·   Private one-on-one sessions
·   Group classes
·   Day Camp Programs
     includes structured socialization and training
Academy for Pet Groomers & Trainers
(916) 238-4594
Q Street, Rio Linda, CA 95673

The Learning Center for Dogs & People