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About the trainer...
   ... My little dog Blossom would lay down instead of walk with me if I put a leash on her. She barked all the time at everything, and would not come when I called her. Now I  have a new dog! Rebecca showed me how to fix all of these problems and so much more.
Rebecca Brackney has a lifetime of experience working with dogs of varied temperaments and different breeds. She is an accomplished behavior consultant and master groomer with a background in animal shelters, boarding kennel management, and veterinarian assistant work. 
-Maxine Handel
Red Bluff, CA
Training is your key to developing a happy, healthy and socially adjusted dog. Most importantly, proper training based on trust and mutual respect can provide a solid foundation that builds a life long bond and strong owner-dog relationship.

Like humans, not all dogs learn at the same pace. Knowing that every dog learns differently, we offer a variety of group classes and private behavior consultations that fit your needs and your dog's developmental stages.

From learning the basics to complicated behaviors, Rebecca makes training fun and effective. Contact us to learn how your dog can become a cooperative  family member. For a list of current group classes and training options click here

Why is training necessary?
Basic Manners  ..  Problem Solving  ..  Group Classes  ..  Private Lessons  .. Puppy Socialization  .. &  More
What kind of relationship do you have with your dog?
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Her training experiences include; obedience, agility, training and handling of protection dogs,  conformation, companion animals and trick training.
For a list of current group classes and training options click here
Rebecca specializes in the behavior modification and rehabilitation of troubled dogs.
And she offers a variety of training options to suit the individual dog and owner. 
And a proud member of
APDT - The Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Trainer & Behavior Consultant Rebecca Brackney is
Veterinarian Recommended  & Approved,
A Certified American Kennel Club CGC Evaluator