Dog Trainer's Academy - From puppy development to behavior modification and problem solving, Brackney’s Dog Training Academy offers learning that is broken down into modules in a semi-private learning environment.
This is perfect for the entry level student starting out with little knowledge,
or for the seasoned trainer who is wanting to learn how to teach complex concepts and skills, not just behaviors. 

All our courses are created from a behavioral standpoint. Client relationships are just as important as the dogs’ well being, if you want to train dogs as a professional, you will most likely want to learn how to address the human client aspect of the equation, and we teach that in our modules too!

What type of dog trainer do you want to be?
At the learning center, we offer a fully functional business model for students to learn in. We work with pet dogs, sports oriented clientele, even dogs meant for disability service and companion work. From foundation to specialty courses, open to the general public, you will shadow and learn hands on how we teach private one on ones with client and dog, weekly group courses, and board and our train programs.

Approximately 90% of Rebecca’s cases are referrals from local veterinarians, so there is always a variety of case problems available for students to learn from. For the more experienced trainer wanting to improve their knowledge we also offer a shadow program that complement our course modules.

CAREER OPPORTUNITY: We want the best working along side us! On occasion, working student/Internship opportunities are made available to qualified graduate who shows interest in joining our staff.

Solve behavior issues?
One on One as a private coach?
Teach only group classes?
Teach a specialty?
Help rescues and fosters rehabilitate dogs?